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INSTORE’s 110% Advantage … and More of Your Letters for December

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110 Percent

Over the years that I have been receiving and reading INSTORE, I have gained 110 percent more knowledge about the industry because you make it plain and simple to follow the business guidelines and advice to gain sales and repeat customers that are true lifelong customers! — Pamela Hecht; Pamations, Calumet, MI


Poor Judgment

n your October issue I was enjoying the results of The Big Survey until a question on underrated things about being a jeweler. One of the reasons you list is “Looking down ladies’ tops as they lean over the counter.” Are you serious? I cannot believe you printed this. Jewelers are supposed to be professional, courteous and caring of our customer, not sexually harass them by trying to look down their tops. This is a very poor representation of what I thought your magazine wanted to stand for. — Phyllis Wenthe, via e-mail

End of the Rainbow

I put a rainbow sticker in my store window, which means we welcome gays. A customer picking up a battery for his watch, asked, very gruff and businesslike, “Who is responsible for the rainbow flag in window?” A bit hesitant, I said, “I am.” Well he said, “I just want to thank you. This will be the only store my partner and I will come to.” He is a recent transplant from a larger city. What a great compliment! — Beth Guntzviller; Miners North Jewelers, Traverse City, MI

3-D Logos

I was glad to see the column on how important the logo is as part of a jeweler’s brand image (What’s in a Logo? September 2010). However, one thing was forgotten: Print advertising is not the only medium that the logo will be used for. Too many logos are designed without the third dimension being considered.
Storefront and interior signage are important in emphasizing the brand image. Let’s think about everywhere the logo is used so there really is continuity. — Ruth Mellergaard; Grid/3 International, New York, NY


The column Death by Discount on page 95 of our October issue should have included Darla Alvarez as co-contributor with Charles Neugebauer.
Alvarez is a goldsmith at The Gilded Artisan in Colorado Springs, CO. A credit for the Imperial earrings on page 44 in our October issue should have read: 10-11mm
Tahitian cultured pearl earrings in 14K white gold with diamond accents. MSRP $1,825;, (800) 556-7738

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Wilkerson Testimonials

Is It Your Time to Enjoy Life? Wilkerson Can Get You There.

Mary and Tim Whalen, owners of Crown Jewelers in Pittsfield, Mass., wanted to enjoy life beyond their business. When they decided to retire and close shop, they asked Wilkerson to handle the sale. As long-time Wilkerson customers, Mary says she knew the company could manage all the details of the liquidation. It was also great to have “fresh eyes” on their business, says Mary, which “worked tremendously for us.” Today, the Whalens are beginning a new adventure but are quick to commend Wilkerson for helping them get there. “You have one chance to get it right,” she says about their retirement sale. “Do it right.”

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