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Jewelers Predict Lab-Grown Diamonds Will Boom in Popularity

Yellow gold “everything” is the runner-up trend they cite.



WE ASKED HUNDREDS of retail jewelers, who responded to INSTORE’s 2021 Big Survey, to predict the next breakout jewelry trend.

Some said they don’t have a crystal ball. Others said they don’t follow trends.

But many respondents were willing to take an educated guess, particularly about categories that have already shown strong signs of a surge in sales.

“This is the million-dollar question,” said one. “I would say identity jewelry. Not an ID bracelet, but something that says something about you that you want to broadcast.”


1. Lab-grown diamonds

Overall, though, lab-grown diamonds is the winning category, mentioned by the most respondents. “Lab grown diamonds are going to avalanche all over the industry,” said one. “Lab growns will have to be standardized and probably require some level of regulation.”

2. Yellow gold everything

“We have seen engagement rings in yellow really take over,” said one.

“Heavy/bold/layered gold chains (already happening,” said another.

3. Fancy cut diamonds

Diamond shapes mentioned include oval, pear, marquise, elongated radiants and cushions.

4. Simple settings

When it comes to the engagement-ring setting, “simplicity is what we are mainly selling,” said one respondent. ” 1.5 mm shank, thin, delicate eagle prongs and maybe a hidden halo.”


5. Colored gemstones

Other popular answers: Custom design, minimalism, layers and petite pieces, stackable bracelets and personalization.

Other interesting predictions: flexible diamond bangle bracelets, evil eye jewelry, stackable bands that are chevron or crown-shaped, spinner rings, and men’s pearls.

Also: “face jewelry (nose, eybrow) is growing where other miscellaneous body piercings have waned.”

Eileen McClelland is the Managing Editor of INSTORE. She believes that every jewelry store has the power of cool within them.



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