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Judge the Jewels: Jessica Chastain Serves Glamorous Grown-Up Tinkerbell in Head-Turning Reza Jewels

This look defies red carpet jewelry trends by featuring pieces that are large and colorful.




The sighting: Actress Jessica Chastain attended the Emmy Awards in a shimmering lime green Gucci gown and some incredibly fabulous REZA Jewels.

The jewels: Chastain is wearing several rings and a jaw-dropping pair of earrings by Parisian brand REZA.
The actress is wearing the REZA Manhattan earrings, a yellow gold pair of earrings that feature large emerald cut emeralds (22.31 TCW), radiant cut yellow diamonds (5.63 TCW), princess cut diamonds (2 TCW), 98 baguette diamonds (16.2 TCW), and 206 brilliant cut diamonds (2.85 TCW).

Yes, you read correctly: 22.31 TCW for the emeralds alone – and then 20+ more carats of diamonds, all sparkling against Chastain’s iconic red hair.

The rings are REZA’s Heritage ring and REZA’s Pillow ring, both of which feature emeralds and diamonds in yellow gold, as well as REZA’s Cercle ring, which features oval emeralds, yellow diamonds, and white diamonds.

Judge the Jewels: Jessica Chastain Serves Glamorous Grown-Up Tinkerbell in Head-Turning Reza Jewels

The trends: Green gems are very popular right now, but this look bucks most major red carpet jewelry trends by featuring jewelry that is large and colorful.

What do we think? You probably know by now that I find this awards season lackluster on the jewelry front. This ensemble from Chastain was one of the only Emmy jewelry looks that I found exciting. (So many plunging necklines and strapless dresses with unadorned clavicles. Why, Hollywood, why?!)

When I got my first glimpse of this lime green sequined and feathered gown, I thought “that’s fun, but what jewelry could possibly go with it?” I was expecting sedate diamonds at best, a no-jewelry look at worst. But instead of going subtle, Chastain went for both color and size!! Giant emeralds! Huge earrings! Contrasting yellow diamonds! It’s thrilling.

Jessica Chastain looks like a glamorous grown-up Tinkerbell here, and isn’t that much better than being yet another actress in an understated tennis necklace?

Judgement: 17/10 for a creative and exciting jewelry choice!

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