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Judge the Jewels: Taylor Swift Chose This Repeat Favorite Demi-Fine Necklace for the iHeartRadio Awards

She wore the Tilly Sveaas Gold T-Bar Cub Link Necklace, which is a sterling silver piece with 18K yellow gold plating.




The sighting: Singer-songwriter superstar Taylor Swift recently won iHeartRadio’s Artist of the Year award, which she accepted remotely via a video message. But what jewelry did she don for the occasion? Let’s take a look.

The jewels: Taylor Swift is wearing the Tilly Sveaas Gold T-Bar Cub Link Necklace, which is listed on the brand’s website for $385 – $455 depending on length. It’s a sterling silver piece with 18K yellow gold plating.

She paired the necklace with what looks to be small gold hoop earrings adorned with a “T” and a “S” charm, also in gold, and accented by a couple of additional smaller gold earrings.

The trends: Taylor Swift has worn this vintage-inspired necklace before, but the fact that she chose it for such a high profile and well-documented moment means that this is now major. Taylor loves this necklace, and when Taylor Swift loves something, her legion of fans follow closely behind.

Doubting Taylor’s trend powers? Take a look at this Instagram video of Tilly Sveaas’ orders printing nonstop the morning after this appearance.
The initial charm huggies are also a very cute and copyable move – this is a great option to pitch to customers who want to score some Taylor-inspired style at flexible price points.

What do we think? I love that Taylor Swift accepted her award in a demi-fine necklace. It shows true confidence and self-possession to wear something because you like it, even though some people might see it as an insufficiently luxurious choice for someone of Swift’s budget and fame.

Judgement: 14/10 for a stylish and delightfully accessible look.

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