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Robbins Brothers Doubles Down on Its Natural Diamond Legacy & 102-Year Heritage

Each RB Select diamond is chosen for its exceptional beauty, quality, radiance, and fire.




(PRESS RELEASE) LOS ANGELES, CA — Robbins Brothers, the engagement ring experts, are doubling down on its 102-year commitment to natural diamonds with the launch of its new RB Select Natural Diamond Collection. This collection of rare, hand-curated diamonds is a celebration of the company’s century-long love affair with natural diamonds and their desire to reinforce and maintain their innate value, significance, and tradition.

With a legacy that spans generations, Robbins Brothers has stayed apace with customer demands, trends, and changes in diamond buying behaviors. However, as a legacy brand, RB Select signals Robbins Brothers continued and unwavering commitment to the quality, meaning, and significance of natural diamonds while continuing to support the varied and nuanced needs of today’s diamond buyers.

“We are proud to introduce our RB Select Natural Diamond collection,” stated Marc Friedant, CEO of Robbins Brothers. “These diamonds embody over a century of experience in the natural diamond business and epitomize the best of our heritage, true love, and what natural diamonds have to offer. To us, the rarity, distinctiveness, and enduring quality of RB Select Natural Diamonds positions them as the ultimate symbols of true love, enduring commitment, and timeless romance — irrespective of how conventional or unconventional our guests’ love stories might be.”

The RB Select Natural Diamond collection is carefully curated by Robbins Brothers’ buyers, who regularly examine tens of thousands of natural diamonds from the world’s top sellers. Selecting only one in ten, each RB Select diamond is chosen for its exceptional beauty, quality, radiance, and fire.

“We are bringing natural diamonds back into the conversation,” said Sue Hopeman, vice president of Merchandising. “RB Select natural diamonds do not just make up a collection; they’re a testament to our dedication to the splendor, individuality, and intrinsic value of real diamonds. Our aim is to continue to elevate the meaning and significance of natural diamonds to preserve their role as enduring symbols of true love, romance, and commitment.”

The RB Select Natural Diamond collection of traditional rounds and trending fancy cuts like pear, oval, emerald, marquise, princess, radiant, asscher, and cushion—is available now in stores and online. Sold through loose Diamond Discovery Experiences, Robbins Brothers allows customers to see, feel, touch, compare, and contrast loose diamonds for more clarity and confidence in their diamond buying decisions.


Hopeman goes on to say; “We believe that the best way to choose a diamond is to experience it loose, from every angle, and to compare a variety of shapes, sizes, and options. Our Diamond Discovery experiences give guests an unprecedented opportunity to buy the way we do, far beyond the 4C’s, certifications, and digital images.”

While steadfast in their commitment to RB Select natural diamonds, Robbins Brothers understands the diverse needs and budgets of today’s consumers. In response, they offer a superior collection of certified lab-grown diamonds. This collection presents a more affordable option without compromising on quality, value, or service. For over a decade, Robbins Brothers has partnered with sustainable and reputable growers to provide an unparalleled range of certified lab-grown diamonds. Each diamond is hand-selected for its beauty, sparkle, and shine and is guaranteed for life. Through the Loose Diamond Discovery Experience, customers can explore diamond options at their own pace, ultimately finding the RB Select Natural Diamond or certified lab-grown diamond that is right for them.

About Robbins Brothers, The Engagement Ring Experts

Headquartered in Azusa, Calif., Robbins Brothers operates 14 retail jewelry stores in California, Texas, Washington, Arizona, and online, primarily in the bridal segment. With over a 100-year operating history, the company provides extensive product education, exceptional quality and value, and steadfast commitment to its customers. Its focus on bridal jewelry allows Robbins Brothers to deliver an unparalleled selection of styles including an extensive range of exclusive private label and designer collections.

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