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Sylvie Jewelry Launches Tulira, A Nature-Inspired Bridal Jewelry Collection

The launch of the Tulira advertising campaign is highlighted by the tagline “Where Real Love Grows,” celebrating that love, like nature, grows and evolves over time.




Sylvie Jewelry Launches Tulira, A Nature-Inspired Bridal Jewelry Collection

(PRESS RELEASE) Sylvie Jewelry, a Texas-based jewelry brand and leader in bridal jewelry known for its iconic designs, unveils its latest engagement ring collection, Tulira. This collection was inspired by the beauty of nature, and the journey of love’s flourishing path, featuring alluring elements of flora in every piece.The launch of the Tulira advertising campaign is highlighted by the tagline “Where Real Love Grows,” celebrating that love, like nature, grows and evolves over time.

The Tulira collection draws on Sylvie’s deep connection to her upbringing, immersed in Belgium’s natural beauty, and pays homage to her roots. “I’ve always felt a deep connection to my motherland’s nature and flora,” Co-founder and Designer Sylvie Levine says, “Each year I make it a point to visit my hometown, immersing myself in the parks and gardens that were a significant part of my youth and what Belgium is known for.”

The collection offers a trend-forward take on engagement rings and wedding bands, integrating elements that symbolize natural growth and the blossoming of love. “The designs feature subtle floral, leaf, and vine-inspired motifs, totally unique to our brand,” said Sylvie. “Flowers, for me, symbolize love, celebration, and femininity, and have naturally become a source of inspiration for a collection that honors my roots and resonates with the milestones in life that our creations celebrate.”

“Every piece in Tulira is a deep synergy that marries our nature-inspired vision with the distinguished craftsmanship of Sylvie Jewelry,” remarked Gary Levine, Director of Business Development. “Our goal was to reflect the brilliance and beauty of the natural world, ensuring that each design not only aligns with the ethos of Sylvie Jewelry but also evokes the profound joy inherent in our craft.”

The Tulira advertising campaign will publicly launch on April 2nd, 2024. Authorized retailers and individuals who make pieces of the collection their own can share their stories using the hashtag #WhereRealLoveGrows and tagging Sylvie Jewelry on social media.

About Sylvie Jewelry

Sylvie Jewelry is a luxury jewelry brand that is available at select authorized retailers across North America. The brand was founded by Sylvie Levine, a jewelry designer from Antwerp, Belgium, and her husband Ian Levine, a diamond merchant. The company is a byproduct of the husband-wife duo’s love and enduring bond. Sylvie has a powerful heritage and bright future with significant growth plans. To date, Sylvie’s designs have won several awards and helped her gain recognition for having a deeply personal touch as she designs her pieces. If you’d like to learn more about the exceptional wedding rings, engagement rings and fine jewelry available from Sylvie Jewelry, please visit the website at
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