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The Benefits of Social Media Integration on Your Jewelry Website

Having a business page on Facebook or a channel on Instagram is not enough.




SOCIAL MEDIA IS one of the main channels to drive traffic to your website. Having a business page on Facebook or a channel on Instagram is not enough. You need to integrate social media into your marketing strategy and make it part of how you grow your jewelry business. To get the most out of social media, start with your website.

What Is Website Social Media Integration?

To put it simply, it’s how your jewelry website and your social media channels work together. Your website is the hub of your business and social media are the spokes. The sole focus of your social media should be to drive new traffic to your website. It’s great to grow a Facebook page or Instagram channel and get fans and followers, but if no one visits your website…you’ll never make a sale.

Always remember that your website’s main goal is to acquire a customer. But, once a person visits your website and knows about your jewelry store, your secondary goal becomes to create a relationship with that person (so that they buy from you in the future). Many people don’t buy the first time they visit you. That’s where social media comes in and why it’s important to publicize your other marketing channels on your website.

The Benefits of Social Media Integration on Your Jewelry Website

There are many benefits to social media integration. First, it makes your website much more interactive. It provides personality and life to an otherwise basic website. People like to buy from people they know, and social media gives you the opportunity to show what it’s like behind-the-scenes and put a face to the name. You’re creating a relationship with each and every one of your visitors.

Second, social media integration opens the conversation up with the customer. It’s no longer you talking to them – your potential customers can talk back to you! They’ll leave comments, ask specific questions under a post, or even direct message you for private advice.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, this is also one of the best ways to get online reviews from your customers. Just ask! You now have a relationship with them and they’ll respond. Jewelry is a high-ticket purchase and the jewelry business is all about getting customers to know you, like you, and want to do business with you.


Whereas a website contact form gets filled-out and goes “into the ether”, social media is much more personal. Most people feel relaxed in knowing that there’s a real person available and that they’re more likely to get a response through social media than through a stale and static website. They don’t know who’s behind the screen. Social media pulls back the curtain allowing potential customers to see the “real you”.

Third, social media is a critical Google ranking factor. Google doesn’t know which social media channels belong to you, unless you tell it (by linking back from your website to your Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest or other social page). That’s the only way for Google to associate these separate channels to put them together under your business and give credit and SEO “juice” back to your website.

This is otherwise known as a “social signal” and one of the most powerful ways you can help get your site ranked on page one in the search results.

How to Best Integrate Social Media Into Your Jewelry Website

One of the easiest ways to integrate social media into your jewelry website is to always include social media buttons in the footer area of your site template on every page. This makes your social media channels easily accessible to customers no matter what part of your website they’re on.

Another way, is to use share buttons on item pages and encourage people to share an item with their friends and family. There are numerous website plugins such as: Share This, Add This, and Add To Any, which are constantly updated and simple to install.

You can also use social commenting widgets under your post, which syndicates comments and helps direct traffic back to your social page.


Or, even consider adding a social login feature to your website. This saves people from creating a new user account or having to remember another password. It also lowers the friction to completing a purchase.

Important Social Media Integration Strategies to Use in 2021

One of the best strategies for maximizing your social media impact is to display your social media content within your jewelry website. Remember, your website’s traffic comes from many different sources and not everyone passes through social media to get to you. You can easily add a feed from Facebook, Instagram, and other sites. This pushes fresh content from each social channel and streams it to your website audience. This ensures that every visitor to your website also sees your social content (even if they aren’t on any of your social media channels).

The second strategy I suggest is to use social media content within your email marketing. Though email marketing may be considered secondary to your website, all email traffic has to go somewhere. That’s why you direct this traffic back to your website, the core of your business strategy.

As you build a relationship with your audience, use these techniques to integrate social media during all steps of the customer journey (the beginning, middle and end of the purchasing decision).

Take notice and follow these suggestions to make social media an integral part of your marketing strategy in 2021. It not only enhances your website’s user experience, it helps you make more sales.

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