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Recognizing the need for independent jewelers to have a structured and measured plan for management, Brad Huisken and Jimmy DeGroot are offering their sales management master classes quarterly. The fall class begins Sept. 14.

Huisken states, “We’re making this class available regularly throughout the year because stores change, personnel changes are inevitable and there’s always a reason to continue training.” The class is a 12-week Zoom training for one hour a week for managers and owners, helping them create a management plan with proven best practices.

“Every class we teach, we learn new reasons why we should be continuing,” says DeGroot. “A jeweler just called and asked when our next class is because even though he had been through the course, he wants his brand new manager to experience it.”

DeGroot and Huisken found that students are retaining more through the 12-week program, allowing them to attend a class and then put that one thing into practice throughout the week The price for the class is $1,995 per store. Past attendees of the class include owner/operators who want to create a system of management to create a more scalable business as well as high-volume, multi-site stores looking to train their managers to bring out the best in their employees.

Information can be found at or by contacting:

Jimmy DeGroot, 920-492-1191, [email protected]


Brad Huisken, 303-503-7835, [email protected]




Put Your Trust in Wilkerson

To do business successfully with anyone, you need a certain “comfort level.” That’s something that Phillips Pitts, owner of two Parris Jewelers stores in Hattiesburg, Miss., said he felt immediately when he first talked to Wilkerson’s Rick Hayes. He was just about to launch an anniversary sale. And he chose Wilkerson to handle all the details — from the marketing to the sales floor. “Rick cared what was going to happen to Parris Jewelers,” says Pitts. “Not just during the sale but after the sale.” Would he recommend Wilkerson to other jewelers contemplating a large-scale sale? Absolutely, says Pitts, who says the results “exceeded their expectations.” His trust in Wilkerson has only grown after the numbers came in. “They were interested in me fulfilling and what I need to fulfill to make my company better.”

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