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Waxing Poetic Launches Newest Collection

It’s called Influencer Earrings.




(PRESS RELEASE) SANTA BARBARA, CA & ATLANTA, GA – Waxing Poetic, a designer jewelry brand that specializes in handcrafted, intentional pieces, announces the launch of its newest innovative collection, The Influencers, earrings that empower customers to turn charms, pendants, or other treasures from their jewelry box – into personal statement pieces.Each post earring incorporates Waxing Poetic’s signature quatrefoil charm clip dangle ready to be adorned with a customer’s Waxing Poetic charms and pendants, or any jewelry element they may have.

Influencer Earrings are available at over 500 retail locations nationwide as well as direct retail for $89-$95.

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For more information about Waxing Poetic’s new Influencer Earrings go to:

Personalization, Upcycling & the Insta-Era

With The Influencer Earrings, the customer takes center stage to create and customize earrings in completely new ways. It’s a wearable, sharable platform for customers to innovate and also upcycle, using both new pieces and what they already have, to give their jewelry collections fresh life.

“We are always interested in new forms of personal curation and expression, and the time seemed right for The Influencers concept. In the pervasive Instagram culture in which we live, many of us scripting our lives as a personal brand of sorts: we experience style, meaning, expression and novelty as narrative elements, and all of these things play into what we choose to wear and post…and ultimately, to the life behind this image we create and project” said Patti Pagliei, company founder, co-CEO and creative director at Waxing Poetic.


She continues, “Curating your own looks from our individual handcrafted designs is something that is central in Waxing Poetic’s DNA – the thing that has given us our cult status, so the addition of The Influencers builds on the concept that we are never finished, but always ‘waxing’ or becoming who we are truly meant to be, a full expression of self.”

2019 Fall/Winter Catalog

Click here to view the Waxing Poetic new catalog. The catalog features The Influencers as well as new collections for the upcoming Fall/Holiday season. The line highlights global, community-themed collections, including a conservation awareness line inspired by Patti’s recent trip to Kenya with her husband and Co-CEO of Waxing Poetic, John Simpson to learn more about the human/wildlife conflict firsthand through Save the Elephants.

“Our line is always evolving and this new release builds on the key elements of our brand: meaning, versatility, and the ability to create individualized looks. Not many brands can do that. We’ve really carved a niche for ourselves in the market- unique, attainably priced sterling silver that is made by hand. Nothing can take the place of human touch,” said Patti’s sister and Co-Founder, Lizanne Pagliei Hales, Head of Business Development at Waxing Poetic.

Lizanne continues, “This brings versatility to our wholesale and retail partners, where they too can honor the customer and their creativity. Our line shows the intention, craftsmanship and love that we put into each piece, from the design work in California to the artisans in Indonesia.”

It’s more than interesting, it’s unexpected, and we can’t wait to see what our customers and collectors put together.


Sustainability – Manufacturing in a Conscious Way & Upcycling

Waxing Poetic lives by the values of an ‘earth first way’ and strives to be a responsible business incorporating ethical practices, recycling, fair wages and now a focus on upcycling with its Influencer Earrings.

With the unveiling of The Influencers, Waxing Poetic launches a campaign on Instagram where customers are invited to share their unique earring combinations with the hashtag #PoeticInfluencer.

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