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Worry Over Warranties, Diamond Debate and More Reader Letters

And we can never get enough “INSTORE raves.”




On “The Brain Squad Story”

  • I thought the lead story was great! Thanks for giving us a voice and a platform! — Marc M., Midland, TX
  • Loved reading about different attitudes and ideas from other jewelers. It opens our minds to think “out of the box” and that is why I really enjoy reading each issue and savor every bite! — Susan E., El Paso, TX
  • I liked seeing the younger Kate Pearce on the cover!! — Kate P., West Lebanon, NH


  • Thank you for being a great partner in our world. — Sherrie S., Tigard, OR
  • INSTORE is great! I love reading what other retailers are doing and how they foresee what is to come to our industry as we are quite different than most retail stores. — Bruce B., Sarasota, FL
  • The only trade magazine worth reading! — Scott M., Jacksonville, MD
  • Always appreciate the “ continuing education” you provide!! — J. Dennis P., Johnstown, PA
  • Loved the December and February editions! — Jill K., Danielson, CT
    [Jill, what did you have against our January issue? Just kidding! 😉 — Ed.]

Honoring a Great Man

  • RIP to my father, Nick Nichols. Brilliant self-taught jeweler and designer. One of the first CAD designers. He used to make his own findings by hand, then he started buying them out of Matthew Stuller’s trunk. He will be missed. — Rick N., Fernandina Beach, FL

House of Diamond Cards

  • What are we doing to the diamond business? The Kimberley Process is a sham and diamond companies say things like “it isn’t a Russian diamond, it is whatever you want.” And then we sell lab-grown diamonds knowing the prices continue to drop and offer the client no real value. If these aren’t eroding the confidence in the consumer’s trust, what is? Yes, we are forced to sell the lab-grown diamonds due to demand. But with each, tell the client what they are getting, which is not much. Then go back and look at your suppliers for mined diamonds and ask what they are doing to improve the honesty of our supply chain. A house of cards won’t stand up to a gust of wind, which may be the consumer breathing disgust. — David B., Calgary, AB

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This Third-Generation Jeweler Was Ready for Retirement. He Called Wilkerson

Retirement is never easy, especially when it means the end to a business that was founded in 1884. But for Laura and Sam Sipe, it was time to put their own needs first. They decided to close J.C. Sipe Jewelers, one of Indianapolis’ most trusted names in fine jewelry, and call Wilkerson. “Laura and I decided the conditions were right,” says Sam. Wilkerson handled every detail in their going-out-of-business sale, from marketing to manning the sales floor. “The main goal was to sell our existing inventory that’s all paid for and turn that into cash for our retirement,” says Sam. “It’s been very, very productive.” Would they recommend Wilkerson to other jewelers who want to enjoy their golden years? Absolutely! “Call Wilkerson,” says Laura. “They can help you achieve your goals so you’ll be able to move into retirement comfortably.”

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