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4 Steps to Follow When Working with Millennial Engagement Shoppers

They’re not in a hurry, so don’t rush them.




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ACCORDING TO THE Knot, 70 percent of millennial couples date more than two years before getting engaged. That means they are not in a hurry, so do not rush them. They are taking their time, visiting multiple stores, and putting more thought into the particulars of their rings than previous generations.

We millennials have been conditioned to believe that we get to have the things we want, exactly the way we want them. The surest way to break their trust is to rush them through this process and try to force them into a decision they’re not comfortable with. So how do we build their trust?

1. Find the ring, immediately. Before you talk about who they are, how they met, etc. you need to find what they’re there to look at, and you need to find it quickly. “What do you want this ring to look like?” is a phrase that works every time because it puts the ball in their court. Until she finds the ring, nothing else matters, and everything else is a distraction from the main goal.

2. Find out what the most important aspect of the ring is. Chances are good that she has a few rings that she either likes equally or likes different aspects of each. It is crucial to figure out the non-negotiables. Metal? Center shape? If it’s oval or round, you need to ask the question of which shape she prefers most, or if she’s equally happy with either and would enjoy the surprise factor.


3. Ask her to rank her choices. If she likes multiple rings, try to nail down which is the one she really wants. It can be something as simple as 1, 2, 3, or “most favorite to least favorite.” If she finds value in the surprise and is truly happy with any of the three, then go back to No. 2 and finalize the most important aspects of the ring.

4. Show them diamonds while they’re together. Why is it obvious that a woman should pick her ring, but then it’s somehow up to him to pick the diamond? Those of us who have seen thousands of diamonds understand that certain diamonds just hit you differently. Show her the size and shape she’s been looking at and do not bring up the price. When they’re ready, they will ask for the price, which should make you jump with excitement because that is a critical buying signal. Just like No. 3, get her to rank her choices. Once she has settled on the exact diamond she likes, you’re in the clear.
In my next column, we’ll talk about the final step: Asking for the order. You may be surprised by the advice I give.



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