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California Jeweler Shares His Bulova Selling Secrets

He hires millennials who are excited about watches who sell to other millennials.



California Jeweler Shares His Bulova Selling Secrets

Kas Valliani 
Valliani Jewelers, San Jose , CA

WHEN KAS VALLIANI launched his retail jewelry business in 2002, Bulova was one of the first lines he chose as a partner.

In the past year, with the watch brand’s launch of new collections and accompanying marketing initiatives, Valliani is more pleased than ever that he did. Sales have soared, particularly in his three stores with an upscale focus. In all, Valliani has 11 stores in California, with different levels of product.

“We are up about 28 percent in watches and Bulova sales are up 82 percent, month after month.

“About two years ago, our thought was that our higher-end stores would only carry Swiss watches. But we made an exception for Bulova and we quickly realized how right that move was,” Valliani says.

Interview with Kas Valliani

  • Both Rubaiyat and CURV are wow products. CURV offers the first real curve chronograph movement in the world. It’s a great product at a very attractive price, under $1,000.
  • We sell watches to millennials by hiring people who are in the target age group and are themselves excited about watches. They tend to attract the clientele you want to have in your store and be excited about the product. The watches are not only about telling time. They are about making a statement that “I’ve made it.”
  • Bulova has never been shy about marketing, period. We do co-op marketing in several different ways, from gift with purchase to mall ads to banners and billboards. And there is quite a bit of marketing support available. We have seen a big push in the past year and a half.
  • We make sure that all of our employees get trained at least twice a year, but we go through refreshers on a quarterly basis. The more they have access to more information about the brand, the better.
  • I’d recommend it to another retailer because with customer questions, warranty issues and training, Bulova is right up there among the top five companies. I’m thoroughly enjoying all the help they are giving us and the numbers speak for themselves. When you’re outselling other brands three to one, you must be doing something right. Everything is top level — training, incentive programs, constant support of staff, analysts to realize where more sales can be and how we can continue to improve. Hats off to the current team.


“Bulova is very fortunate to have an account of the caliber of Valliani Jewelers in northern California. The brand has had a partnership with Valliani Jewelers and the Valliani family for over 10 years. It is these relationships and partnerships that have helped make the Bulova brand one of the leading brands in our product/price segment.”

California Jeweler Shares His Bulova Selling Secrets

CURV Collection timepiece with curved chronograph movement.


California Jeweler Shares His Bulova Selling Secrets

Special edition Chronograph C boxed set from the Archive Series with six-hand chronograph movement.


Bulova Rubaiyat Collection timepiece

Rubaiyat Collection timepiece with rose gold-tone stainless steel case featuring synthetic blue spinel cabochon crown, 50 diamonds hand-set on outer rings, textured silver-white dial with double curved sapphire crystal and dye-struck “Goddess of Time” dimensional case back.


Eileen McClelland is the Managing Editor of INSTORE. She believes that every jewelry store has the power of cool within them.



When There’s No Succession Plan, Call Wilkerson

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