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Shane Decker

Follow These Steps to Deliver a Luxury Sales Presentation

Selling high-quality products requires attention to detail and consistency.




I KNOW, I KNOW … I said last January that I had written my final column for INSTORE. But so many people have told me that they miss my column, I decided to start writing again! Thank you for reading and enjoying the column.

This month, I want to talk about how to deliver a luxury presentation. The word “luxury” infers high quality. I don’t eat at fast food joints, but if I did, I wouldn’t have any expectations. But if you said, “Shane, take your wife to this high-end restaurant and order the main course, sides, dessert and wine for $500,” my expectations will go through the roof.

It’s amazing how price can raise the bar.

When you get 5-star reviews, they always talk about the experience they received first. Yes, they may mention what they bought, but the experience is always the main thing.

So to deliver a luxury presentation, the following actions need to happen every time. They take constant training and consistency.

  • Smile.
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Use your presentation skills
  • Be professional
  • Give product and gemological knowledge when needed
  • Give inventory and brand knowledge when needed
  • Sell your store’s culture
  • Ask relationship questions
  • Ask selling-specific questions
  • Make it all about the client
  • Dress well
  • Respect their time
  • Understand the power, wealth and status of your client
  • Be confident
  • Know the nine “absolutes”
  • Demonstrate knowledge of trends, fashion and diamond prices
  • Understand high quality and high ticket items in all areas of the store
  • Build integrity in your product
  • Know everything about your “wow” pieces
  • Know your client
  • Follow up in a timely manner
  • Use teamwork and T.O.s; team sell and be a servant seller
  • Utilize professional closes
  • Use proper vocabulary
  • Respect all people coming in
  • Listen closely
  • Keep the sale private
  • Sell with honor
  • Be genuinely interested in all the client’s needs
  • Becoming a personal business friend
  • Do not pre-judge
  • Be glad they came in
  • Wow them in a big way before they go

Today, the experience is more important than the item purchased. How many of these bullet points are missing in your salespeople’s presentations? When the experience is awesome, people don’t shop anywhere else and they send in their friends. Clients retain 100% of how they’re treated. We remember where we’ll never go back and we remember where we’ll always go. Change your standards and become awesome all the time!




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