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Give Customers a Sneak Peek of What Lies Ahead in 2024, and More To-Dos For January

Also, review 2023 positives and negatives with your team.




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Dec. 31-Jan. 6

MANAGEMENT Have an open team meeting to talk about the positives of 2023. What did your staff like? What did they not like? What can you improve on?

STRATEGY Go through your calendar and block off several hour-long chunks of time each week through March 31. Use it to work on strategy, reading, mentoring members of your staff, or following up on long-term opportunities that often get pushed off in the hustle of a typical day.

SERVICES Stock up on appraisal forms — January and February are crazy for valuations of items purchased in December. While you’re at it, consider updating your appraisal forms.


Jan. 7-13

STAFF Pledge to be a better boss in 2024. Add your employees’ birthday dates to your calendar and those of their children as well. (Any gifts or similar gestures will win over hearts and minds.)

MARKETING Input the names you gathered over the holiday season. If you did an email blast to your name list in December, you’ll need to update any bounceback addresses.

MARKETING Give clients a sneak peek at what you have planned for the new year. Are you introducing new products? Have you grown your staff or expanded your services? Send out an email recapping the past year and let people know what’s in store.

Jan. 14-20

TRAINING Valentine’s Day is on the way. Schedule a series of training sessions for your staff on selling bridal and diamonds. In particular, focus on cut versus carat weight. The 2023 Big Survey revealed it’s still an area in which customers need education.

INVENTORY Get ruthless with those new pieces that went through the peak holiday season without selling. The chances of them selling now are very low, so cut your losses and get your money working for you somewhere else.


Jan. 21-27

INVENTORY Review unfulfilled wish lists to check the age of the items. If a year or older, call up the client and offer them a discount.

INVENTORY Return leftover holiday memo goods. Your vendors may need them for the year’s first trade shows.

Jan. 28-Feb. 3

TRAINING This week, write down one important skill that you can teach each member of your staff — and spend some time with each person putting the plan into action.

MARKETING Use referrals to boost your list by allowing customers to “tell a friend” about your email offers. Have mailing list/email list sign-up cards and forms in your store.


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