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Shane Decker

Here’s How to Present a Diamond as an Investment Into a Relationship (Not Someone’s 401K)

Shane Decker talks about what makes diamonds so special in part two of his “The Miracle of Diamonds” column series.




IS A DIAMOND an investment? Yes … but not in the way that you think.

A diamond is an investment into a relationship, a lasting love. Diamonds were never meant to be sold to put into a 401K account. They are NOT that kind of an investment, and never should be sold as that kind of an investment.

The real value is in the gift itself. Diamonds come in a very small box, and when given to someone you love, nothing says or does what a diamond says and does.

Around the world, a diamond is the ultimate “I love you.” It speaks every language and has incredible sentimental value. I have my mother’s engagement ring that she received in 1945. She’s been gone more than 50 years, and it’s one of my family’s most important treasures.

A diamond is a visible and powerful representation of a relationship … and that’s what should matter to us. After all, we’re not actually in the “diamond industry” — we’re in the relationship industry. The relationship your client builds with the loved one they’re giving the diamond to, and the relationship they build with YOU.

And that relationship should never be taken for granted. Of all the places they could buy from, they chose your store and YOU to take care of a special occasion in their life or a just-because moment. What an honor. Make sure these clients coming in FEEL special.

There’s nothing in the “I love you” gifts that ranks higher than diamonds. They’re full of wild and untamed light, and they are forever.

When you give someone a diamond, you just said, “Will you marry me? I will spend the rest of my life with you.” Or it says “I’d marry you all over again” after you’ve been married 30 years. Diamonds celebrate life. Forever. Never forget. Family. Tradition. Beauty. The moment it was given. Achievement. Lifelong memories. Heirloom. History and stories.

A diamond stands for love, and that’s the business we’re in.

So learn to romance the reason your client came in. If you become awesome at this, the price of the diamond becomes insignificant and the closing ratio goes way up.

Over 90% of clients coming in have never held a loose 2-carat diamond, so be sure to show one to every client that walks in your door. Clients love to be wowed. Plus, it’s free advertising, it’s a silent compliment, and it plants seeds for upcoming special events in their lives.

The tradition of the diamond engagement ring actually all started in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy. Keep the tradition going, and happy selling!



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