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I Am the Finest Green Garnet

A true son of the Russian soil that was a favorite of Carl Fabergé.




I AM THE MOST precious of garnets, with a green beauty that almost rivals the best emeralds. My fire and brilliance have inspired allusions to the mighty diamond, while my powers of dispersion are unmatched. I enjoyed a golden age not long after my discovery in the Ural Mountains in the 1860s, and was a favorite of Carl Fabergé and the Russian court. But my star dimmed in the years after World War I as the new Soviet Union withdrew into its own world. Today, I am more likely to hail from Namibia, but it is still as a son of the Russian soil, with horsetail inclusions, that I command the best prices.

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Chris Burslem is Group Managing Editor at SmartWork Media.



Wilkerson Testimonials

When It’s Time for Something New, Call Wilkerson

Fifty-four years is a long time to stay in one place. So, when Cindy Skatell-Dacus, owner of Skatell’s Custom Jewelers in Greenville, SC decided to move on to life’s next adventure, she called Wilkerson. “I’d seen their ads in the trade magazines for years,’ she says, before hiring them to run her store’s GOB sale. It was such a great experience, Skatell-Dacus says it didn’t even seem like a sale was taking place. Does she have some advice for others thinking of a liquidation or GOB sale? Three words, she says: “Wilkerson. Wilkerson. Wilkerson.”

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“Poor Man’s Alexandrite” They Call Me, But I Am Rich In History And Beauty

My name is based on my original homeland.




THINK BULLFIGHTING, FLAMENCO and certain Moorish-influenced architectural styles and you’re likely to think of greater Spain. But you should actually be thinking of my original homeland, from which I take my name, and which served as their cultural cradle. “Poor man’s alexandrite” they sometimes call me, but it depends on what you mean by poor, I say, because I am rich in history and rich in beauty. And when cutters succeed in bringing out the best of my pleochroism I am unlike any other gem — full of earthy color play and distinct personality. Olé!

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Here’s the Answer to September’s Gem Quiz

And congratulations to our winner.




WOW! FINALLY MADE the big time,” was how Bruce Goodheart responded to the news he had won our September Gem Quiz (correct answer: Zircon). The co-owner of Goodheart’s Jewelry in Overland Park, KS, said he’d been “trying for years.” Enjoy the t-shirt, Bruce! We’d also like to suggest our Honorary Mentions take encouragement from Bruce’s victory and keep going if you still haven’t won despite numerous attempts.

Congratulations everyone who deduced the correct answer.

Honorary Mentions

Stuart Adelman
Artelle Designs Fine Jewelry & Custom Design
Plymouth, MN

Duane Aldrich
Aldrich Custom Crafts
York, PA

Derrick Allen
Graham Jewelers
Wayzata, MN

Andrea Bazil-Lopez
Sheffield’s Diamonds
Oro Valley, AZ

Stan Beckman
Beckman Jewelers
Ottawa, OH

Lara Bergseth
Idar, Victoria, BC

Michael Brothman
Designs by Flora
Dallas, TX

Emily Bukucuyan
Pico Jewelry
New York, NY

Briana Burgess
Richter’s Jewelry
Londonderry, NH

Stephanie Cairns
Troy, MI

Maureen Carlucci
Stucchi Jewelers
Natick, MA

Diana Castillo
Wedding Ring Originals
New York, NY

Bryan Cavitt
Images Jewelers, Inc
Elkhart, IN

Sam Chiafullo
Hamilton Jewelers
Princeton, NJ

Megan Conner
Orin Jewelers
Garden City, KS

Tony Conway
Aras Jewelers
Rockville, MD

Haley Cummings
J David Jewelry
Tulsa, OK

Jim Cunningham
West View Jewelers
Pittsburgh, PA

Doren Daigle
Hannon Jewelers
Baton Rouge, LA

Dana Danford
Anchorage, AK

Sally Davis
Vierk’s Fine Jewelry
Lafayette, LA

Jeffrey Debs
Jeffrey Debs Jeweler Gemologist
Philadelphia, PA

Evan Dorcas
Fort Knox Jewelers
Central Valley, NY

Katie Dye
J. David Jewelry
Tulsa, OK

Steve Glazer
Bob Richards Jewelers
Germantown, MD

Christina Grande
Richters Jewelry
Londonderry, NH

Jonathan Hart
Karen’s Jewelers
Oak Ridge, TN

Kim Hatchell
Galloway & Moseley
Sumter, SC

Selma Heikkinen
Fairbank and Perry Goldsmiths
Concord, MA

Anne Henderson
Henderson and Co Jewelers
Mechanicsburg, PA

David Hermann
Fine Jewelry Appraisals
Longwood, FL

Dianna Rae High
Dianna Rae Jewelry
Lafayette, LA

Kathy Jenkins
Bravo Jewellers
Carlsbad, CA

Steve Jones
Old West Guns & Trading Co.
Carefree, AZ

Jennifer Jorgensen
Studio 2015 Jewelers
Woodstock, IL

Elizabeth Jowell
Beard Fine Jewelers
Lufkin, TX

Carli Karin
Huntington, VA

Ella Khazhmetova
Kenny G & Company
Reno, NV

Nadia Lorr
Steve Quick Jeweler
Chicago, IL

Amy Klug
Diamonds & Gold
Green Bay, WI

Rosanne Kroen
Rosanne’s Diamonds & Gold
South Bend, IN

Karen Kuhn
Arabesque Jewelers
High Ridge, MO

Samantha Kwiatkowski
Straith’s Jewelers
Centralia, IL

Doug Lantz
MJ Harrington Jewelers
Newport, NH

Rika Larson
The Collector Fine Jewelry
Fallbrook, CA

Troy Lob
Liberty Diamonds
Irvine, CA

Connie Lovell
Woodard’s Diamond and Design
Tullahoma, TN

Jennifer MacLeod

Nina Mahl
Diamond Graduate, GIA
Winter Park, FL

Lisa Marturano
Quality Gem
Bethel, CT

Tara Morgan
The Laughing Dog Gallery
Vero Beach, FL

Kelli Mayfield
Wirt’s Jewelers N.
Little Rock, AS

Betty Methvin
Whitlock Jewelry Store
Eufaula, AL

Christine Meyers
Roemer Originals
St Charles, MO

Robert Mitchell
Nord Jewelers
Kalamazoo, MI

Paula Morgan
Hollywood, FL

Melinda Nolan
Roemer Originals
St Charles, MO

Logan Nye
Holly McHone Jewelers
Astoria, OR

Lance Nygaard
Lance Nygaard Gems
Sioux Falls, SD

Matt ODesky
Austin Diamond Toom
Austin, TX

Robert Orlando
Roberto Coin Inc – Montage Deer Valley
Park City, UT

Steffanie O’Sullivan
Abbott Taylor Jewelers
Tucson, AZ

Kristin Owens

Mucklow’s Fine Jewelry
Peachtree City, GA

Elizabeth Parker Curt
Parker Jewelers
St Louis, MO

Yosef Poplack
Gem Wave Inc.
New York

Paul Pytlinski
Glitter On Gravois
Saint Louis, MO

Barbara Raia Curto
BRC Coins & Jewelry
Barnagat, NJ

Scott Richardson
After Midnight Jewelers
South Burlington, VT

Mark Ruby
SunSpirit Designs
Loveland, CO

Cait Russell
Libutti Diamond Jewelers
Huntington, NY

Dorothy Sawyer
M Mazzoni Jewelers
Farmington, MI

Tracey Simmons
Gregory Jewelers
Morganton, N.C.

Candy Smith
Weaver’s Apparel & Fine Jewelry
Brewton, Al

Erica Sanchez-Hawkins
Sanchez Hawkins Fine Jewelers
Lake Havasu City, AZ

Melanie Snare
Quality Jewellers
Toronto, Ontario

Jennifer Sullivan
Goodman’s Jewelers
Madison, WI

Joshua Summers
Orin Jewelers
Northville, MI

Doreen M. Vashlishan
Werkheiser Jewelers/Versant
Bethlehem, PA

George Ward
Ward’s Jewelers
Fallbook, CA

George Ward
Ward’s Jewelers
Bonsall, CA

Janet Williams
Good Day Media
San Marcos, CA

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Gem Quiz

While I May Be Mistaken For Diamond, I Am My Own Stone

Right down to my occasionally radioactive core.




I CAN’T TELL YOU how many times I’ve been mistaken as this or that girl’s best friend (even by experienced jewelers). But no, despite my terrific luster and fire, I am not the Eternal One. I am my own stone, right down to my occasionally radioactive core. To bring out the best in me, especially in a colored form, it’s usually necessary to give me a shot of heat. As a blue stone I am known as Starlite, as a yellow one Hyacinth, as a pale gray one Jargoon. And as a brilliant clear stone that sparkles and dazzles and looks like I belong in an engagement ring … I am just me.

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