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Kaiser Time Adds Digital Strategy Consulting to its Portfolio of Services

Partnership with Thornton Digital Consulting creates digital solutions for retailers.




(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK — Kaiser Time announces a partnership with Thornton Digital Consulting to add Digital Strategy Consulting to its portfolio of services. As jewelry and timepiece retailers began closing their doors in March due to COVID-19, and consumer focus shifted to online shopping, Kaiser Time saw an opportunity to assist retailers in enhancing their online presence. Deana Thornton, founder & president of Thornton Digital Consulting, has over a decade of experience working with Fortune 500 retailers to build and grow their digital presence through integrated marketing, merchandising and customer experience strategies. Coupled with Kaiser Time’s comprehensive insight into the unique needs of jewelry and timepiece retail, Thornton’s expertise will allow retailers to effectively prepare themselves for current and future challenges.

“We are so excited to be able to work with Deana in offering our retail partners the knowledge and know how to position themselves for success in this new retail climate,” explains Steve Kaiser, president of Kaiser Time, Inc. “In order for our industry to be competitive in a digital marketplace, there is a crucial need to facilitate the development of a more sophisticated online presence at the retail level; by working closely with Deana, we can develop strategic solutions that are catered to the unique needs of our industry.”

Thornton’s experience working with companies such as Mailchimp and Saks Fifth Avenue perfectly positions her to analyze jewelry retailers’ current strategy and provide solutions for website optimization, customer relationship management, multi-channel campaign strategies, digital analytics, marketing automation and e-commerce strategy development.

“Kaiser Time has a proven track record of understanding the unique needs of fine jewelry and timepiece retailers and can adeptly identify where there are opportunities for improvement and growth,” Thornton stated. “Through our partnership, I am confident that we will provide effective solutions enabling key retailers to successfully compete in a challenging online market, while positioning them for long-term growth.”

The collaboration with Thornton Digital Consulting is the latest addition to the Kaiser Time portfolio. Kaiser Time’s roster of services also includes Kaiser Education, which provides educational content for timepieces within retail and wholesale channels, creates curriculum for professional development in the retail channel, and creates custom timepiece education courses for the wholesale channel. The Kaiser Distribution segment of the business provides distribution channel expertise in the watch and jewelry channels, as well as distribution execution, consulting and guidance.

For more information about Kaiser Time’s partnership with Thornton Digital Consulting, or to schedule an initial consultation, contact Michelle Orman at or (646) 302-5521.




When There’s No Succession Plan, Call Wilkerson

Bob Wesley, owner of Robert C. Wesley Jewelers in Scottsdale, Ariz., was a third-generation jeweler. When it was time to enjoy life on the other side of the counter, he weighed his options. His lease was nearing renewal time and with no succession plan, he decided it was time to call Wilkerson. There was plenty of inventory to sell and at first, says Wesley, he thought he might try to manage a sale himself. But he’s glad he didn’t. “There’s no way I could have done this as well as Wilkerson,” he says. Wilkerson took responsibility for the entire event, with every detail — from advertising to accounting — done, dusted and managed by the Wilkerson team. “It’s the complete package,” he says of the Wilkerson method of helping jewelers to easily go on to the next phase of their lives. “There’s no way any retailer can duplicate what they’ve done.”

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