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Dave Richardson

Sales Truths: You Never Get a Second Chance To Form a First Impression




WHY IT IS TRUE: Customers have a wealth of choices. It’s not necessarily what you know, or how much you know, but rather who you are and how much you really care. And there is always another store just around the corner where caring people will find solutions for busy customers.

PLAN OF ACTION: Rather than pontificating about your valuable thoughts and ideas in a weekly sales meeting, challenge people to understand what good first impressions really mean. As they patronize their favorite business, have them consciously notice the impression that the establishment as well as the staff makes upon them. Challenge them to be prepared to share their specific observations at the staff meeting next week. Ask questions, probe responses, get people to genuinely understand how first impressions impact sales.

This article originally appeared in the October 2015 edition of INSTORE.

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Wilkerson Testimonials

A Liquidation Sale during a Pandemic? Wilkerson Showed Them the Way

For 25 years, Stafford Jewelers of Cincinnati, Ohio, was THE place to go for special gifts, engagement diamonds, high-end Swiss watch brands — in other words, the crème de la crème of fine jewelry. But this summer, the Stafford family was ready to retire. So, they chose Wilkerson to help them close up shop. “One of the biggest concerns was having the sale in the middle of COVID,” says Director of Stores Michelle Randle. Wilkerson gave the Stafford team plenty of ideas as well as safety guidelines, which they closely followed. “All of the employees felt safe, the customers coming in the door felt safe and we did a lot of business,” says Randle. How much business? “The inventory flew,” she says. Translation: They sold millions and millions of dollars-worth of merchandise. Randle calls it, “an incredible experience.” Would she recommend Wilkerson to other retailers who are thinking of thinning their inventories or retiring? “Everyone got more than what they expected out of the sale. You have to hire Wilkerson. They’re amazing.”

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