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Show Customers Why Natural Diamonds are More Meaningful than Ever

Natural and lab grown diamonds will co-exist in many stores this holiday season. Demonstrate the true value of your inventory-present natural diamonds first.




Show Customers Why Natural Diamonds are More Meaningful than Ever

(PRESS RELEASE) Millennials are responsible for 70% of all bridal sales, representing the age group from 24 – 37 years old. Many are well educated before coming into the retail store and have an idea of shape, size, color and of course budget. However, they may not realize the true value of natural diamonds and that they are anywhere from 1 billion to 3.7 billion years old. Their rarity is incomprehensible! It is therefore important that when presenting diamonds to show natural diamonds first. Having a few facts on natural diamonds and why they are so rare will help close more sales, increase the average dollar size of the diamond sale, and reduce the need to discount. Furthermore, never prejudge and underestimate your clients budget by showing lab first.

Lab created diamonds account for approximately 50% of retail loose diamond sales. They certainly have their place in the market and fill a wonderful void when someone wants size and has only a limited budget. This enables retailers to close more sales with profitability. However, if the average lab sale is $2300 today versus $2900 (a decrease of 23%) in the beginning of 2023, the average profit an independent retailer also is reduced significantly. Comparatively, the average natural diamond sale is up 3% from the beginning of the year to $7,300 allowing the independent retailer to realize an average profit of $2900. Obviously, it is healthier for the independent store to present natural diamonds before lab created diamonds. Regardless, it is most important to make the sale natural or lab based upon the client’s desires. Both types of diamonds have their positives and negatives but you do not want to lose a sale and you do want to gain a customer.

Why have lab grown diamonds gone down significantly in the last couple of years? Due to mass manufacturing, there is no limit on production. Additionally, big box retailers like Costco, Walmart, Macy’s, QVC, and JC Penny are increasing their lab grown inventory and providing major competition for independents.

Profitability versus Cash-Flow, The Secret is Having the Right Inventory
As a recap, the health of the industry is to first sell natural than sell lab. Either sale will create profitability and hopefully referrals. The key to success is to build inventory and now is the season to analyze inventory levels and build up on natural. The mix may be 60% mined and 40% lab. Often, diamonds are not presented because there are certain holes in your inventory and a certain size is not available. It is important to build inventory. GN Diamond offers a 100% sell through guarantee on all natural loose diamonds and natural finished jewelry. So, what is the risk? Quite frankly there isn’t one! Having the right inventory at the right pricing is critical now and will certainly be for the holiday season.

Analyze your inventory now and fill in any holes in your top selling loose diamond categories. GN Diamond is also seeing many fancy shapes gaining back popularity like emeralds, radiants and marquise shapes.

Showcase the Unique Value of Each Diamond
The meaning and significance of precious gems lie in their rarity and dazzling beauty. GN Diamond makes it easy to demonstrate the value of every stone in your inventory with Diamond Hunt, a free platform for browsing and comparing loose diamonds online. Diamond Hunt integrates with your website and lets shoppers view 360-degree video, light performance, GemPrint, and certifications for your entire inventory — all with your own branding and markups.


These facts come from our most recent webinar which was the most popular offer this year thus far. Shane Decker and Asaf Herskovitz provide excellent selling tips and facts to help retailers for a successful start to the holiday season.

GN Diamond is open 7 days a week, 24/7 here , or simply call us at 800-724-8810 for all of your loose diamond needs natural and lab! There is a market for both!



She Wanted to Spend More Time with Her Kids. She Called Wilkerson.

Your children are precious. More precious than gold? Absolutely! Just ask Lesley Ann Davis, owner of Lesley Ann Jewels, an independent jewelry store that — until the end of 2023 — had quite a following in Houston, Texas. To spend more time with her four sons, all in high school, she decided to close her store. Luckily, she was familiar with Wilkerson and called them as soon as she knew she wanted to move on to bigger, better and more family-focused things. Was she happy with her decision? Yes, she was. Says Davis, “Any owner looking to make that life change, looking to retire, looking to close, looking for a pause in their career, I would recommend Wilkerson. Hands down!”

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