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42 Percent of Surveyed Jewelers Reported Gains in February. Here’s What They Sold

Custom design and lab-grown diamonds continue to be popular.




Doves by Doron Poloma 18K yellow gold jewelry includes Octagon diamond ring (1.15 TCW), Mondrian ring with lapis lazuli and diamonds (0.57 TCW), and Mondrian diamond ring (0.97 TCW),

Our best-selling fashion line in February was Doves. The collection is very contemporary looking and nicely made. — Melissa Q., Chicago, IL

Top-selling jewelry brands in February

Shy Creation (4), Gabriel & Co. (3), Stuller (3), Allison-Kaufman (2), Fana (2), Pandora (2), Rembrandt Charms (2), Rolex (2)

*Brands mentioned by at least two of 127 respondents.

  • Black diamonds hand strung by our owner. Jye’s diamond hoop hinges earring/huggies. — Bruce B., Sarasota, FL
  • Black diamonds, diamond anniversary rings and recyclable gold purchases were up. — J. Dennis P., Johnstown, PA
  • ArtCarved bridal, Rembrandt Charms, estate jewelry (Facebook). — Eileen E., Decatur, IN
  • From loose to diamond studs, diamonds always are best-sellers. We have been selling more yellow gold, and our Secrid wallets have been a hit lately. — Katrina S., Racine, WI
  • Custom is crazy so far this year. We’re seeing a ton of people come in with inherited pieces, wanting to rework them into new designs. Custom engagement rings also. No one wants to buy one from the case, they want to make it one-of-a-kind. — Lucy C., Overland Park, KS
  • Shy Creation was our top seller for Valentine’s Day and self-purchasing. Trendy styles and prices in all ranges. We also did very well with Coast Diamond and Gabriel & Co. for engagement ring mountings. — Shari A., Southampton, PA
  • Antique and vintage style diamonds (old mine and European cuts). Thin yellow gold solitaires. — Jeremy A., Los Angeles, CA
  • Lab-grown studs, Sylvie bridal and Allison-Kaufman fashion. — James W., Mason, OH
  • Bridal was strong. We started a clearance case for the first time in both stores and it did very well. — Christopher S., Wexford, PA
  • Hearts on Fire, Overnight Mountings, lab-grown diamonds. — David B., Calgary, AB
  • Rembrant Charms in silver sold very well. Shefi Diamonds was our leading vendor in diamond products. — Mark C., Rockford, IL

Monthly SALES Survey

How Were Sales Last Month Compared to February 2022?

WAY UP 25% OR MORE: 14%
UP: 28%
SAME: 27%
DOWN: 23%

Total Brain Squad Responses: 177

  • Estate jewelry was huge! Interchangeable bangles from Alamea always do well. And, custom, custom, custom. — Rick N., Fernandina Beach, FL
  • Ronaldo Jewelry, Pandora and Simply Diamonds were our fast sellers. — LaTisha H., Vidalia, GA
  • As a brand, Nanis did well for us, but we saw a resurgence of our big color game. We sold several large and important colored stone rings and some really nice pendants. — Marc M., Midland, TX
  • Meaningful medallions (Scribe, Zoe Chicco), especially hearts. — Kathleen S., Austin, TX
  • Lab-grown diamond engagement rings by Revelation. Wedding bands. — Eric S., West Springfield, MA
  • Lab-grown diamond earrings and Extensible bracelets! — Laura S., Indianapolis, IN
  • Kit Heath silver jewelry. — Brandy P., Kingston, NY

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