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5 Reasons Why Live Chat Is Important for Your Jewelry Business

Make your jewelry website work for you 24 / 7 to grow your business.




LIVE CHAT IS one of the best investments you can make on your website. What was once considered a luxury, is now expected by consumers. In a recent study, 79% of businesses said that just by implementing live chat it resulted in increased customer loyalty, sales and revenue. Make your jewelry website work for you 24 / 7 to grow your business. Here are 5 reasons why live chat is so powerful.

1. Live chat increases conversions and sales.

A website alone can only sell so much. Eventually, every site hits a plateau and the customer stops completing their order. They may have questions or need additional help before they make a decision. Many people are shy and are afraid to pick up the phone, especially younger generations who are accustomed to texting and getting an instant response. It’s native to them. Studies have shown that with live chat, conversion rates can jump up to 20% or more, depending on your audience and how active you are online.

2. Live chat saves time and money.

Because live chat is an add-on service to your website, it works everywhere and doesn’t affect any of your current systems. Live chat runs independently and integrates seamlessly with any website. There is no custom programming needed, which saves you a ton of money in development costs.

With live chat, one person can manage several conversations and customers at once. Whereas, without live chat, they can only manage one phone call and one customer at a time.

Live chat pays for itself in cost savings alone. And this doesn’t even count the increased sales you’re going to make by offering live chat. That’s extra gravy!

3. Live chat increases customer loyalty.

Speaking with a real person instills confidence. Remember, you’re not just pushing a product. You’re a local, trusted jeweler whose been part of the community for many years.


Big box stores can be cold and soulless. Jewelry is a deeply intimate purchase. People want a personal connection and the reliability of knowing that their engagement ring or gift is guaranteed and backed-up with service they can depend on. What happens if they have a question or if something goes wrong? With the “big guys” a customer never knows who they’re going to get. You may be smaller, but you’re different. Live chat helps cement your reputation as a local, trusted jeweler who’s always available when needed: in-person, by phone, or online. Live chat becomes an extension of YOU.

4. Live chat is available 24 / 7 whenever you choose.

You can set your live chat to be active whatever hours you want to be available. You can turn it on only when you’re at the store, or keep it running all the time. Live chat can even take a message for you from a customer, which you can reply back to in the morning.

Many jewelers keep active hours even up to 9PM or later when many customers have the time to browse from home after work. You don’t have to be physically at your store. You can reply from anywhere, even your phone! Or , hire someone to cover the “night shift”. Check your web stats and see what the most active time is on your website. That’s when you should have your live chat operating; it’s the best time to make sales!

5. Live chat gives you a competitive advantage.

It’s never been more important than today to stand-out from your competitors. Look at the other jewelry businesses in your area. How many offer live chat on their website? What hours are they available? How smooth is the experience?

Does the person replying to the chat have deep jewelry knowledge? These are all questions you should consider as you implement your own live chat service.

One strategy is to “ghost shop” on your competitor’s site and see how helpful their live chat is and how they handle things. Many jewelers don’t even have live chat. This mean that just by installing it, you already have a competitive edge.
In closing, live chat is simple and easy to implement. Anyone with even a small amount of website knowledge can do it, or you could have an expert take care of it for you if you don’t want to fiddle around with the technical details. Install live chat today and start making more sales tonight.


Please contact Smart Age Solutions to get your free 30 days trial of live chat on your website and experience what it can do for your business.



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