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Judge the Jewels: Julia Roberts Pairs a Serious Diamond Necklace With a Blazer

She accessorized her business-inspired ensemble with a major Chopard necklace and very sparkly shoes.





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The sighting: Actress Julia Roberts chose a pale pink blazer outfit for the London premiere of her movie, Leave the World Behind. She accessorized the business-inspired ensemble with a major Chopard necklace and very sparkly shoes.

The jewels: Roberts is wearing a stunning statement necklace by Chopard. I haven’t been able to track down many specifics on this beauty, but what’s not to love about a many-layered diamond bib necklace? It’s a classic style for a reason.

The actress also appears to be wearing two diamond rings and a pair of diamond studs that are difficult to see in the photos, but she is a Chopard ambassador, so I think there’s a good chance it’s all Chopard.

The trends: We haven’t seen enough statement necklaces on red carpets lately, in my opinion. I’d love to see more!

I would argue that the mixing of styles here is a trend: the business-inspired pale pink blazer with the megawatt, ultra-glamorous diamonds and silly fringed party girl shoes. This kind of contradictory juxtaposition of styles is just the kind of thing that anti-conformist Gen Z loves.

What do we think? I honestly had a hard time finding any info on this necklace because every article I could find on this look is about those shoes. And I understand why: their proportions are frankly distracting. I want to love them! They’re sparkly and the movement is such a fun idea…but I just think they look like oversized house slippers made of tinsel, or very sparkly silver sheep stuck to Julia Roberts’ feet.

We’re not here to talk about shoes, though – let’s talk about that necklace! It’s simple perfection, IMHO. It’s a fantastic use of the collarbone real estate that the blazer reveals, and its straightforward glamour is a really fun contrast to the understated business casual roots of the ensemble.

Judgement: 14/10 for a perfectly glam necklace moment.

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