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What You Need to Be Doing in Your Business This May




Elizabeth Gibson of Eliza Page

Week 1May 1-6

OPERATIONS Step outside your store. Through your windows assess the visuals and displays, but mostly watch some customer-associate interactions. It’s amazing how much more you can observe without sound. Research suggests words account for only around 7 percent of communication. What kinds of things are your salespeople communicating?

MARKETING Host a men’s-only shopping night to promote diamond jewelry ahead of Mother’s Day. 

BRAND AWARENESS Someone, somewhere is talking about your business on social media. To keep track, set up Google Alerts for your name and your business name. For result type, click on “Everything” to receive email notifications whenever your store gets mentioned on blogs or discussion sites. 

Week 2 May 8-13

STAFF INCENTIVES During the final run-up to Mother’s Day, motivate staff with a contest to win an extra generous staff discount on a piece for their own mother.

SALES You’ll have lots of Mother’s Day shoppers in your store this week. Don’t forget to ask them if they’d like to pick up a little something for themselves as well.


BUYING The big shows get closer with every week (JCK Vegas starts June 5). Start setting up vendor appointments — don’t count on “swinging by.” Get cell phone numbers so you can contact them if you need at the show.

Week 3 May 15-20

ADVERTISING Yes, June means weddings, but possibly better: anniversaries! Send out cards, along with a special offer for diamond upgrades, to customers with anniversaries in June. Offer special deals for couples celebrating a big anniversary.

MARKETING Book your Father’s Day newspaper ad to run the first Sunday in June. Repetition is key to getting the message home. Repetition is key to getting the message home. Repetition is …

STAFFING Give some thought to recruiting college or high-school students as summer help. Do not be afraid to give them some responsibility — working on cleaning up your mailing lists, retagging, etc.

Week 4 May 22-27

MERCHANDISING Showcase graduation gifts: Create a special case in your store for smaller-ticket, sentimental items. Your “congratulations” case can include charms, gold starter jewelry (hoops, chains, etc.), sterling silver bracelets, sterling silver cufflinks and entry-level watches. 

Week 5 May 29-June 3

DISPLAYS Incorporate natural elements like leather, horn and wood into your display props. Says Austin, Texas retailer Elizabeth Gibson (PICTURED) of Eliza Page: “Jewelry is hard and metallic, so we try to soften it up when appropriate by using wood and horn. We even have some rocks, leather and felt, and all of that softens the look.”


CLIENTELING Make those six-month service calls on all those products you sold last December. Invite your customers to come in to have their jewelry checked and cleaned.



Wilkerson Testimonials

To Generate Funds for a Jeweler’s Move and Remodel, Wilkerson More Than Delivered

Even successful jewelers need a little extra cash to fund expansion plans—especially when there’s inventory on hand that’s ripe for liquidation. For Beaumont, Texas-based jeweler Michael Price, co-owner of Mathews Jewelers, it was the perfect time to call Wilkerson. Price talked to other jewelers as well as vendors for advice during the selection process and decided to go with Wilkerson. And he wasn’t disappointed. When it comes to paying for the move and expansion, Price says the road ahead is clear. “When we close on the next two stores, there’s no worries about finances.”

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