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93 Responses To Common Jewelry Sale Objections

These are some ways to respond to indecision on the part of your clients.




I’VE HEARD A lot of objections over the years, and I’ve included most of them here, followed by my suggested responses. There are many more, but I thought these would help start off your 2021 sales meetings. Some of these answers are for serious clients, some are for those wanting technical answers, some need reassurance, and some need you to make decisions for them. Then there are those clients who want to have a ton of fun and they like smart-ass funny answers that make everybody laugh.

Answers always have to be accurate, honest and stated with professionalism. You can have fun and still be professional. I’m a “missile” sales type, so many of my answers might be more direct than what you’re comfortable with. Adjust for your selling style!

Get your objection flash cards going. Don’t let clients leave because you can’t handle their objections. Objections show interest; they must be handled with speed and accuracy. I hope these help you to have your best sales year ever!

Why does it take so long on repairs?
  • We have the best reputation and we do the best work. A lot of people bring in repairs.
  • We take in about XX repairs a day and have XX jewelers on staff. They like to give each repair their full attention.
I need to speak to a man.
  • They are all busy right now. Is there something I might be able to help you with until one of them are free?
  • So do I!
  • We have an all-female staff; we can do anything a man can. Would you like to speak to our graduate gemologist or our owner?
I would like to see some diamonds. Can I talk to someone who knows something about them?
  • I can help you with that. Here are my diamond certificates.
  • You came to the right place. Everyone here is highly trained on that subject.
  • We are all highly qualified to show and sell diamonds.
I can get this diamond cheaper at the mall.
  • Many diamonds look alike, but let’s look at this one under the microscope.
  • Was it an ideal cut? What did the report say?
  • It must be worth less.
  • Is it cheaper or just less?
  • I can understand you saying that because so many rings look alike at first glance. However, once you buy this, wear it and then compare. The difference will be apparent to you.
  • Cheaper means lower quality.
Are these all the sapphire rings you have?
  • You must have something special in mind. Let’s look at the style of some other rings and hand-select you a sapphire for it.
  • You must be looking for something really different. May I show you some catalogs?
  • You and I need to talk to our custom jeweler.
I’ll think about it.
  • I have a better idea. Think with it. You can take it home on approval.
  • I can understand that. It’s an important decision and you want to make the right choice, don’t you? Just go for it!
  • Let me know what you are thinking about and I will help.
This is the first store we’ve looked at.
  • Let it be the last!
  • Who says you can’t buy from the first place? If you like it, get it.
  • You came to the right place. We’ve been in business since XXXX.
  • I always go to the best store first.
It’s too expensive.
  • Compared to what?
  • Is the price of this item too high, or is it just more than you want to spend?
  • I can get this item in a lower price range if you would like. All we have to do is drop the quality or size.
  • Remember luxury and quality are never second best.
I’m just looking.
  • Great! While you’re looking, let me brighten your diamonds.
  • I love to browse. Mind if I browse with you?
  • Great! What are you looking for?
  • Do you get to do that a lot?
  • Great, let’s get started.
I don’t know if she will like this.
  • If it’s coming from you, I’m sure she will love it.
  • Just try to take it away from her.
  • Buy it. If she doesn’t like it, you can exchange it or we’ll give you your money back.
  • What’s not to like?
  • What if she does?
She already has too much jewelry.
  • A girl can never have too much jewelry.
  • According to you or her?
  • Women love to collect and wear jewelry.
My husband doesn’t wear jewelry.
  • Have you ever bought him jewelry?
  • He would wear it if it came from you.
  • We have a very cool collection of men’s jewelry.
I never buy on impulse.
  • Those are usually the greatest treats.
  • Some of the things I treasure most, I bought on impulse.
  • Impulse buys are returned less than planned because you didn’t know you wanted it until you saw the item.
I’m in a hurry.
  • This is worth slowing down for.
  • Don’t you have a few minutes to treat yourself?
  • I wrap fast!
I hope I get my diamond back.
  • Let me show you your diamond on our Dia-View and point out all the fingerprints your diamond has.
  • We can take a picture of your diamond before and after.
  • If we switched diamonds here, do you think we would still be in business after XX years?
  • We have plenty of diamonds. We only want you to love yours more after we’re finished.
Do you send your repairs out?
  • We have trained professionals on staff right here on the premises.
  • Only if you want us to.
I would be afraid to wear it.
  • Do you really know anyone who has had their jewelry taken from them?
  • That’s what insurance is for.
  • I’m not asking you to wear it, just to buy it.
  • Once you get used to it, you won’t go without it.
I’m waiting to have lunch at Applebee’s.
  • Since you have a few minutes, let me show you our newest line of designer jewelry.
  • I have a new diamond that just came in. Mind if I show it to you?
  • Great, I love to eat there. What was it you came in for? I will get you taken care of in a hurry.
Are you having a sale?
  • We never have a sale here. We always put our very best price right from the start.
  • No, our merchandise is already marked at other people’s so-called “sale price.”
  • We don’t mark our jewelry up and then down to make you think you are getting it at half price.
I can buy this watch cheaper at Costco.
  • Who will service the watch for you? We have a certified watchmaker on staff.
  • You very well might, but we are an authorized dealer and can take care of any servicing that might be necessary.
  • Some timepieces have a secondary market with no warranty.
Why is your G SI quality diamond more than down the street?
  • I understand your concern about price differences, but we only buy “ideal cut” diamonds. Let me show you what this means. It’s important that she has a diamond to be proud of, isn’t it?
  • Our diamonds have to meet strict tolerances of color, clarity and cut. We will furnish you with an appraisal to assure you are getting exactly what you paid for!
  • All of our diamonds have been personally selected just for you.
  • If it’s not good enough for me to wear, I would not buy it for you.
I really like it, but I have a child in college.
  • All the more reason. You deserve it.
  • You can enjoy it now with our payment plan and you will have an heirloom for your daughter.
  • Wow, with a child in college, you deserve this ring. What size do you wear?
  • Sometimes the best opportunities come in life when you least expect it.
We’re getting ready to go on a trip.
  • This won’t be hard to pack.
  • What a fabulous time to enjoy a new piece of jewelry.
  • This will fit in a very small box.
I don’t see anything that grabs me.
  • All of our rings are tame.
  • Sometimes subtle elegance is better.
  • We had to put all of our grabber rings in the vault; one client got squeezed too hard.
I’m going to XX Jewelers.
  • Will they give you a certificate and offer you a return policy?
  • Do you really know that you’re buying quality there?
  • Do you think they will take care of you the way we do?
  • If you wanted to go to the very best, where would you go? You know you are there.
Maybe for Christmas.
  • It will mean even more when there isn’t a special occasion.
  • Get it now and put it away. It will mean even more that you bought it months ahead of time.
  • It may not be here then.
I want to sleep on it.
  • That will dent your head! Just buy it and wear it.
  • You can overthink simple decisions.
  • This is something you said you’ve always wanted.



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