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April Sales Were Up – But Is Your Focus Where It Needs to Be?

Sales increased 2.3%.




SALES FIGURES FOR the 12 months ended April 2019 showed a healthy increase across Edge Retail Academy’s database of stores.

Annual sales of $1.87 million were up 2.3% compared with the same period last year, when sales came in at $1.83 million. The rate of growth has slowed from the 2018 increase of 6.4% but nevertheless represents a solid increase.

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The increase continues to occur on the back of lower sales quantities and higher average retail sale. Sale units moved during the 12-month period amounted to an average of 6,205 items per store, down 4.8% and 9.5% respectively on 2018 and 2017. Average sale achieved per item increased to $301 from $280 and $250 respectively for 2018 and 2017.

Gross profit of $858,000 was up from last year’s $837,000 and the 2017 result of $789,000.

Margin has held at 85% for each of the last three years.

This month we will focus on silver, which has been the main contributor to the decline in sales volume.


Sales dollars of silver dropped to $100,000 on average per store from the 2018 level of $115,000 and the 2017 level of $143,000. This represents a drop in silver sales of 30% across the two years. Unit sales makes even more interesting reading; quantities of silver sold declined from 1,844 units in 2017 to 994 units for 2019. This is a drop of almost 50% in a two-year period. Part of the decline has been offset by an increase in the average retail value of silver being sold – with the average sale increasing from $77 in 2017 to $100 today. However, this has not been enough to offset the volume decline. Markups have stayed the same at 113%.

So how do your numbers compare? If silver has been a significant part of your business, what has been the impact of a decline in the last two years? Given the significant drop across all stores, it’s most likely that the majority of stores have seen this happen. If you haven’t already reinvented yourself in this area, it might be time to do so.

Start by analyzing your sales departments. What percentage contribution is coming from each of your key areas – diamonds, gold, silver and watches? Now if you have a report from two years ago, how do these percentage contributions compare to what happened back then?

If your sales have changed, then you need to look at how you have responded to this within your store.

1. Review your merchandising. How is your store set out relative to sales? Are you still trying to promote product that is no longer selling? Does your store setup reflect your sales and what you want to sell?
2. Review your staff training. What are your staff members focused on? Are they still preoccupied with product lines that are no longer selling? You sell what you are focused on.
3. Concentrate on marketing. What message are you sending to your clients and potential customers? Are you still emphasizing a focus on what used to sell well for you? Are you promoting what your customers want to buy now?
4. Review your inventory. Return on investment is an important metric for any business. Do you have more inventory concentrated in silver than you should? Can this money be better utilized elsewhere?


It’s important that your business is constantly responding to the marketplace – what your customers need is what you are best to concentrate your sales efforts on. You need to be aware of sales trends within your business. This may not be the end of the drop in silver sales, and if you have concentrated your efforts too strongly in this area, then there may yet be an even lower return on your efforts to come in the foreseeable future.

David Brown is president of the Edge Retail Academy, a force in jewelry industry business consulting, sell-through data and vendor solutions. David and his team are dedicated to providing business owners with information and strategies to improve sales and profits. Reach him at [email protected]



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