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Long Before I Showed Up In Southwestern Silver Jewelry, I Was Popular With Russian Tsars and Renaissance Artists

I am probably the oldest known green pigment.




LOOK AT ME. Focus on those dark and light green bands. Concentrate. CONcentrate … Do you see them expanding and shrinking to a psychedelic rhythm? Do you hear my name reaching out to you? Can you taste it under your tongue? No? OK, let’s try some more traditional clues: I’m a basic copper carbonate, take my name from a green herb, and long before I became popular in Southwestern silver jewelry — way, way before I was popular as a decorative inlay in the walls of Tsarist Russian palaces — I was used as a green pigment by Renaissance artists. In fact, I am probably the oldest known green pigment around.

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Chris Burslem is Group Managing Editor at SmartWork Media.



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Parian & Sons of Franklin Lakes, NJ was founded in the early part of the 20th century. But even stores that have successfully made it through the Great Depression, a World War and the Woodstock Generation must come to an end. With no family wanting to continue the tradition, the time was right for Glenn Parian and his wife, Maria, to retire. And what better way to do so than by hiring Wilkerson to help with the store’s liquidation sale. As Glenn puts it, with his credit card machine humming to the tune of up to 200 transactions a day, he couldn’t have done it without Wilkerson. “This is what they do,” he says. “This is what they do for everybody.”

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