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Nearly 50 Percent of Brain Squad Respondents Say Year-Over-Year Sales Rose in August

Custom design sales and lab-grown diamonds continued to pay dividends.




Limited edition Infinity Pearl strand necklace by Mastoloni featuring Akoya pearls and diamonds
Limited edition Infinity Pearl strand necklace by Mastoloni featuring Akoya pearls and diamonds (1.06 TCW) in 18K white gold, $19,850,

Pearls from Mastoloni were a hit for brides, mothers of the bride and grooms alike. Pink to white hues in shorter lengths went with the necklines. — Scott K., North Wales, PA

Top-selling jewelry brands in August

Gabriel & Co. (5), Stuller (4), Sylvie (3), Allison-Kaufman (2), Bassali (2), CrownRing (2), Fana (2), Hearts On Fire (2), Ostbye (2), Roberto Coin (2), Rolex (2), Shy Creation (2)

*Brands mentioned by at least two of 119 respondents.

  • Bridal, especially wedding bands, and requests for “wraps” increasing again. Custom and repairs very strong. — Kim H., Sumter, SC
  • Nicole Barr; it’s colorful and based on nature. — Todd T., Bowling Green, VA
  • Everything sold. Hearts on Fire, Gabriel, Roberto Coin. — Alexander R., Brockton, MA
  • August was a month filled with custom projects being delivered. — Donnie B., Gainesville, FL
  • Custom was by far the best. In terms of suppliers, Allison-Kaufman and Samuel B had a nice surge for the later part of summer. — Holly M., Astoria, OR
  • Again redesigns, Tacori, Fana bridal and lab-created diamonds. — Michael R., Hamden, CT
  • Laboratory-grown diamonds are a growth area. Sylvie always performs well. Noam Carver and CrownRing also are great. — Tracy G., Woodstock, IL
  • I continue to sell tons of my wirewrapped bracelets, particularly online. — Janne E., Cocoa, FL
  • Custom is still 🔥 Hot. I feel like the younger buyers want to say it’s a one of a kind and are all about it being unique, and older clients are remaking pieces bigger and using stones and gold from family. — Sherrie S., Tigard, OR
  • Custom jewelry keeps us on our toes with some simple modifications, and some that are intricate and challenging. Bridal remains strong with lots of requests for diamond solitaires in fancy shapes, and ring guards from Allison-Kaufman have been great additions for the solitaires! — Annette K., Stillwater, OK
  • Lab-grown diamonds! We’ve been selling them like crazy! We’ve also seen an increase with salt-and-pepper diamonds as well. We also continue to do really well with Stuller‘s Ever & Ever styles. — Becky B., Peabody, MA
  • Stuller bridal is always good because they have the items in stock and we can get them quick. — Susan E., El Paso, TX
  • Colby Davis … sentimental pieces that make great gifts! Shy Creation always sells well year-round. Miscellaneous gold vermeil pieces because yellow gold at an affordable price point is back in style! — Daniela B., Guilford, CT

Monthly SALES Survey

How Were Sales Last Month Compared To August 2021?

WAY UP 25% OR MORE: 17%
UP: 28%
SAME: 27%
DOWN: 24%

Total Brain Squad Responses: 160

  • Wedding bands by Malo, CrownRing and Stuller were the big sellers this August. — Joe C., Bristol, RI
  • Hearts On Fire for our existing and discerning clients, Lashbrook for guys wanting different and or less expensive metal options, and lab-grown diamonds from Overnight Mountings and Diamtech because guys wanted bigger or cheaper. — David B., Calgary, AB
  • We have done really well with the Ania Haie Neon Collection and Bassali fashion. Repairs continue to be very busy. — Trevor W., Myerstown, PA
  • Impulse price points from Quality Gold, Classic of New York and Stuller. — Loann S., Stillwater, MN
  • We sold several Nasbro diamond bands, estate jewelry was huge, but our bridal right now is through the roof, custom and in-stock items. — Rick N., Fernandina Beach, FL
  • Custom restyling was the winner this month, along with lab-grown diamonds from M. Geller in our custom mountings. — Beth C., Dublin, OH

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