HEADLINES: BUSINESS Online takes a bigger bite.

HEADLINES: E-COMMERCE Sales could reach 50 percent more than just three years ago.

BLOG: TRACE SHELTON   “Transcendental experience” led her into a jewelry career.
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HEADLINES: TRENDS Magazine calls them a “must-have accessory.”

INSTORE: HOT SELLERS See what sold best in our respondents' stores in October.

HEADLINES: BUSINESS   Protest closes part of “Magnificent Mile.”

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BLOG: EILEEN MCCLELLAND   Britten and Michelle Wolf have launched
an ad campaign promoting marriage equality
in their city.

HEADLINES: DIAMONDS He accuses the mining industry of destructive practices.

BLOG: LORRAINE DEPASQUE Artist's “absence is felt” in the jewelry design community.

HEADLINES: CELEBRITIES It is likely worth much, much more than the $5-$7 million previously estimated.

PRESS: BUSINESS Analysts had expected a small revenue increase that did not materialize.

HEADLINES: CELEBRITIES   Reportedly, she finds it a distraction from her legal work.

HEADLINES: CELEBRITIES A diamond-bedecked Sofia finally married Joe.

HEADLINES: MINING Mining has devastated the landscape in northern Burma.