HEADLINES: INDEPENDENTS It’s a plea for patience, humility and a bit of appreciation for old ways.

HEADLINES: INDEPENDENTS They paid $37,000 for a ring they claim has an estimated value of $10,000.


The very best summer jewelry is lightweight, feminine and versatile.

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HEADLINES: DIAMONDS Diamond producer piloting a new concept.

HEADLINES: DESIGNERS Four collections to be rebranded under her own name.

HEADLINES: CRIME Now they can Snapchat from their jail cells.


instore: new arrivals

From navel to throat, and
everything in between.

HEADLINES: BUSINESS It may compel Congress to push some legislation through.
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HEADLINES: LEGAL Pre-emptive lawsuit asks judge to declare there was no copyright infringement.

INSTORE: ASK INSTORE It all starts by appreciating each other.

HEADLINES: E-COMMERCE Her collection includes tampon charm bracelets.
SPONSORED STORY Brought to you by Jewelers Mutual In an time when criminals can do their casing online, it’s critical that you step back and assess the digital landscape for the sake of your business’ security.
HEADLINES: RETAILERS Each counter has a screened seating area.


Young designers are banishing
this material’s dusty reputation.

HEADLINES: ENGAGEMENT RINGS A needle-in-the-haystack story that will lift your spirits.