HEADLINES: CELEBRITIES A diamond-bedecked Sofia finally married Joe.

SPECIAL: DESKTOP PATTERN   A message of hope and prosperity for a distracted customer base.

HEADLINES: MINING Mining has devastated the landscape in northern Burma.
SPONSORED STORY Brought to you by White Pine Trading Grab the attention of customers and convert lookers into buyers with signed Italian pieces, branded bridal lines, high-quality basics and celebrity-inspired designs.
PRESS: DIAMONDS It aims to increase consumer diamond demand this holiday season.

HEADLINES: INDEPENDENT JEWELERS   With a lot of help from their friends, Zachary’s reopened a week later.

HEADLINES: CELEBRITIES It’s a Lorraine Schwartz choker — in diamonds, please.

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Brought to you by White Pine Trading

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  #2: Spread special deals to spread the crowd.

HEADLINES: HOLIDAY BUSINESS Influential weekly opines: “It’s for the birds.”

HEADLINES: TRENDS   Suzanne Syz hearts her favorite ore.

HEADLINES: E-COMMERCE   The e-commerce giant is having another growth spurt.

BLOG: TANYA DUKES   Susan Rockefeller’s new line definitely practices what it preaches.

HEADLINES: JEWELRY DESIGNERS David Yurman even gives them a separate entrance at his new store.

HEADLINES: WATCHES   Hardest hit were more expensive models.

HEADLINES: DIAMONDS   Ultra hip agency is in New York, London and Buenos Aires.