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Kathleen Cutler

How To Close Virtual Sales

Four steps to turning that online conversation into a sale.




EVEN IF YOUR showroom is open for business, most jewelers are fielding way more emails, chats, DMs, and texts than ever before. And that can be a big challenge, especially for those in luxury sales who have missed out on most of the modern corporate training on how to sell using online-only strategies.

Honing in on your digital communication is essential to making sure that you are leading these conversations toward a sale and not unwittingly turning your back on your customer as soon as they “walk through your virtual door.”
If this sounds a little tricky, I’ve got you covered! Here are four simple ways to turn your virtual conversations into sales:

1. Ask leading questions that open up the conversation (instead of end it). Even if a potential buyer has come to you with a straightforward question, you wouldn’t reply with a one-word answer in-person — and you shouldn’t do it online either! Take some time to better understand their needs and interests first so that you’re able to guide the conversation and provide the best service possible.

Inquiry: “What is the price on this ring?”
Reply: “Great eye! This is an incredible sapphire (one of the finest I’ve seen in 30 years as a graduate gemologist) and is $27,500. What drew you to this piece?”

2. Send videos or voice memos to create “virtual intimacy” that is required to sell high-end pieces. Sharing certain information with clients in a voice memo or short video helps bring your potential buyers closer to their comfort zone, which is especially important when exploring objections.

Inquiry: “I love this emerald piece, but I’ve never bought jewelry over the internet before.”
Reply: “So glad that you let me know about your concerns. We’ve sent over 375 pieces of jewelry through the mail this year alone. Here is the process …”


3. Rephrase your replies so that they’re all about your potential buyer. Even if the question being asked is very directly about you, try to find ways to connect your answer back to the other person. Avoid the temptation to start your sentences with “I” and try to be concise when talking about yourself.

Inquiry: “My wife loves meaningful jewelry. What inspired you to make this new collection?”
Reply: “Thinking about the woman who would wear these pieces has been such an inspiration and focus for this collection.”

4. Follow up with the leads you already have. At least a few times a week, go through past conversations in your inbox, DM, and text system. Then follow up with a simple check-in that connects back to a recent inquiry or event that shows your potential buyers you were thinking of them.

“Thought about you today when a diamond pendant that matched the earrings you got for your birthday came in. Would you like to see a photo?”

It’s never too late to elevate your approach to digital communication — and with these four simple strategies, you’ll be converting those conversations into sales in no time!







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