Romantic motifs are perfect last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts

HEADLINES: RETAILERS It’s a complicated relationship, says fascinating (and gossipy) profile.

HEADLINES: E-COMMERCE Two factors are working against the online retailer at the moment.
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HEADLINES: DIAMONDS Smaller diamond producers have their doubts.

INSTORE: ELLEN FRUCHTMAN You could easily alienate your customers.

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Our popular cartoon series returns with new installments.

HEADLINES: BUSINESS The new concept is intended to drive cross shopping among other categories.
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HEADLINES: CELEBRITY The ring is similar to those belonging to Victoria Beckham and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

HEADLINES: CATEGORY FOCUS We round up the options available to jewelers.

HEADLINES: CRIME This was a professional heist.

HEADLINES: ENGAGEMENT RINGS The average spend on an engagement ring is pushing $6,000.