HEADLINES: CRIME This was a professional heist.

HEADLINES: ENGAGEMENT RINGS The average spend on an engagement ring is pushing $6,000.
SPONSORED STORY Brought to you by White Pine Trading Most of our suppliers are within a certain segment, while White Pine is soup-to-nuts everything. Their line is constantly changing — at a substantial discount over other suppliers.”
HEADLINES: DESIGNERS Her business has grown fast since she started it a year ago.

HEADLINES: ASSOCIATIONS She will help identify and prepare her successor.

HEADLINES: CELEBRITIES She brought the bling, to say the least.


BLOG: EILEEN MCCLELLAND Eight ways to build your customers' passion for colored gems.

HEADLINES: DESIGNERS Her pieces get the personal treatment.

INSTORE: TIP SHEET See why, in sales, questions often work better than statements.
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HEADLINES: DIAMONDS The current high mark is 243.


Model/actress/jewelry designer has made great progress in just two years.

HEADLINES: CRIME The police don’t know how he did it.
HEADLINES: RETAIL Walmart heirs comprise 20 percent of the list.