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Take Stock of Your Store’s Exterior, Your Inventory, Your Digital Footprint and More Manager’s To-Do Items for October

It’s not peak sales season yet, but it is a crucial time to get prepped for the holidays.




Sherrie Schilling-Devaney

Oct. 3-9

COMMUNITY October is typically a slower month for jewelry retailers. Industry consultant Megan Crabtree recommends you pick a local charity and “donate” some of your employees’ work hours to help out with their cause. Your staff will feel uplifted, as will your store’s reputation among the community ahead of the festive season.

STOREFRONT What kind of vibe does your store give off from the outside looking in? “Sit outside your store and think, ‘How does this look to me?’” says Keely Grice of Grice Showcase and Display. Look at it from your customer’s point of view, and perhaps have a good customer join your scrutiny. Then, spruce up the exterior by adding plants, and, if possible, seating, such as a bench. Paint the curbs, if allowed, and stencil your store’s name on them.

HIRING Draft a welcome letter for any new temps you’ll be taking on over the holidays. Outline your expectations, why the season is so important (to you and your clients) and how you’re looking forward to working with them.


Oct. 10-16

MARKETING Prep a gift guide. For Mark Snyder, owner of Snyder Jewelers in Weymouth, MA, his full-color, eight-page brochure is the key to holiday success. “Men come in with items circled in the book,” he says. First, he gets the gift guide printed with images of new items and gets it out in the mail, as well as by email. Social media posts revolve around the gifts.

CASES Your cases can get roughed up in the fourth quarter. Look into case film to protect them from general wear and tear and purse scratches.

ONLINE Clean up your digital footprint, removing from your website any outdated content such as old blogs or inventory that is no longer in stock. Keeping it updated will not only ensure a fresh experience for visitors but help you rise to the top of search engines.

Oct. 17-23

INVENTORY October is a good month to catch up with manufacturers, as the craziness has yet to set in and any orders placed this month will still arrive in time for the holiday season. Consider handling all meetings virtually to allow your reps to see more clients within the month rather than lose time traveling.

SERVICE Here’s a great tradition to start in your store: Have the owner give every new employee a gift-wrapping lesson. It’s all about the personal touch for customers and staff.


SALES This is not the time of year to miss out on the revenue generated by best sellers. Appoint sales associates to specific brands/key items to make sure you always have them in stock and displayed to ensure maximum visibility.

Oct. 24-30

DISPLAY Buy items that can do double duty as Halloween and Thanksgiving items, such as pumpkins and scarecrows.

MARKETING Prep a schedule to direct mail your customer base three times from November through Dec. 15.

MANAGEMENT It’s easy to fall into a negative mindset as the pressure of the holidays builds, constantly looking for faults and flaws among staff. Try instead to pay attention to what’s working. For a week, keep a daily list of all the positive things your employees do and the behaviors you appreciate.

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